Fall in love in CC Gran Alacant

It is coming one of the most beautiful days of the year: St. Valentine’s day! Are you planning something? What would you like to do? If you don’t have in mind any plan, don’t worry! In CC. Gran Alacant, we will help you in whatever you need. We have everything.

Therefore, take it easy (but hurry up!) and start wondering about it! We propose to you so many plans as well as the most original presents that you can purchase in our shops: glasses, clothes, shoes, computer equipment, perfumes, beauty products…

Furthermore, you can also opt for a romantic lunch or dinner in one of ours restaurants. Or some drinks, or perhaps a trip, or a motorbike ride through our coast. We have all the options you can imagine. Therefore, come, take a walk and fall in love with us!

Centro Comercial Gran Alacant